Warning! Pet Safety!

After our scary experience this month with our dog Argus swallowing a squeaker, we wanted to put the word out and touch as many pet owners as possible. Please be careful when buying toys for your pets; many things can be hazards to your animals!

Stuffed Toys

If your dog is a “chewer” these toys are not for them. Although they love them, that love will be short-lived if they swallow stuffing, buttons, zippers, or worst of all: SQUEAKERS! If your dog likes a “comfort” toy, and they are NOT a chewer, make sure all the small parts are removed and the stuffing is fiber or fabric, not pellets. The majority of dogs will feel the need to “kill” the squeaker, which will lead to the thought that destroying these toys is ok. It can also lead to aggressive behaviors. Let’s just stay away from toys with squeakers entirely.

Long lasting toys

If your dog is the “chewing” type, then look at getting toys that are more durable. Kong toys can be a good choice, as well as Nylabones or Durachews. Do make sure to get a bone of the appropriate size: one too small can get stuck in your dog’s throat or digestive tract. When in doubt, size up!


While rawhide can be good for your dog’s dental hygiene, it is not good for their digestive tract. The concern is that small chewed pieces can get stuck in your dog’s throat, and larger pieces can cause unforeseen blockages. Although these chews can be given and monitored closely, it would be better to choose a different option.

Rope toys

These toys are meant for playing, but should not be left with your dogs unattended as they are not meant for chewing. It does not take a lot of pieces or time to create blockages in the digestive system.

Due to these possibly harmful situations, pet insurance is a great benefit to have when you get a pet. Dogs and cats are prone to swallowing objects, and removal is both scary and costly. Consider the benefits of getting pet insurance right off the bat; this will also keep “pre-existing” conditions to a minimum, as they will not cover these issues. Although premiums can be high (premiums vary from breed to breed, age, etc.), one expensive treatment can still have you coming out on top. There are many companies to choose from, so do your research!

Please go through your pet’s toys and keep them safe!