Tips for your holiday season


The holidays are a very busy time of year for everyone. We at Dave Sells wanted to give you a few friendly reminders of things that can easily slip your mind while tossing back a few too many eggnog’s this season.

  • Don’t neglect those pipes! With the temperatures dropping, you don’t want frozen or burst pipes to ruin your festivities. Keep the water flowing through your pipes by frequently using or running taps. Ensuring there isn’t any stagnant water solidifying in the pipes is key.
  • Outside lines should also be turned off and/or insulated.
  • Inspect those holiday light strings for frays or cracks in the bulb holders. Keep all cords away and out of reach from your pets and children.
  • You don’t need a National Lampoon Christmas fire!
  • When running long sets of lights, make sure to not plug multiple extension cords together. Insert another Griswold Christmas joke here. Better to get a longer cord!
  • Installing lights on your roof? This should be a two-man job! Choose a suitable ladder and have someone spot/hold it while installing the lights. Even falling from one story can cause serious injury. Stay safe and plan -out your decorations!
  • All the holiday baking and cooking will have your stove and oven working overtime. Test out your smoke alarm batteries, and well as your CO2 detector.
  • Hiding all the gifts can be a task all its own, but don’t be tempted to store flammable materials too close to your furnace. All the wrapping and tissue papers do not mix with your gas furnace.

The Dave Sells family wants you to have a safe and happy holiday!