Sponsor a Wheelchair Today!

As many of you saw the heart-warming video we did with Zoe’s animal rescues society on their special needs dog Habib (see below), we wanted to do a bit of a follow up! Habib is doing amazing! He has since had his tail removed after battling an infection, but that hasn’t slowed him down. With many more surgeries coming his way, including the complete removal of his hind legs, Habib will need continued support from the community in his medical endeavors. He is not up for adoption yet since he has a long road of recovery ahead, so sponsorship is a fabulous way to be involved in his story. Check out the sponsorship page to find out how you can be involved with this great story.

As well as helping Habib, Zoe’s has partnered with ESMA (Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals), which helps rescue dogs in Egypt. Currently they have 10 dogs in need of wheelchairs which cost $200 each. With over 200 dogs in their care, they do not have the funds to help these dogs. Sponsoring these animals will change their lives drastically. Zoe’s provides a sponsorship card as well as a tax receipt with your donation. Reach out to them by emailing info@zoesanimalrescuse.org using the keyword rescue, noting you would like to sponsor one of the ESMA dogs.

Here is a video of another sponsored dog (Gidget!) whom we had the pleasure of helping get the wheelchair she needed. This shows you the pure joy and life-changing happiness your help can bring these animals.

Hold your furry friends tight!

Love the Dave Sells Family