Pets in the Park!

As you all know this year we lost our beloved Argus and Jacob which makes this cause even more dear to our hearts. Pets in the park (This Sunday, June 25th, 9am to 4pm) raises money for the Edmonton Human Society and over 8,000 (2016 approximate number of pets in their care) pets they care for each year! Not to mention it was Jacob and Argus’ favorite event. We have included a few features of this amazing event to give you a taste of the fun to be had. Join the Realtor to the Rescue team or donate today!

Pets in the park has everything your pup could want!

-Paint you pup station! Get into the festive spirit with this feature!

-A canine carnival with a mental agility course, with prizes included!

-Wiener dog races! What else do you really need to say about this one.

-Super pup doggie demos. Watch these pups jump, dive and fly!

-Bingos Pet Shop tent. Toys, collars, treats and more with all the proceeds going to EHS. Perfect time to get a snazzy new collar.

-And its not all about the pups at this event. There is food trucks to nourish those famished participants as well as Edmonton’s only all ages AND pet friendly beer garden. The entertainment stage has family friendly shows (Frozen live @ 12pm, Spiderman & Batgirl @ 2pm) with some local musical talent Lusitania Lights @ 3pm!

If these don’t motivate you to walk or run in Pets in the Park, I don’t know what will. Maybe I need to mention wiener dog races again! Come support the Edmonton Human Society and join the Realtor to the Rescue team in our memorial of Jacob and Argus.

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Get Outside!

Summer in Edmonton can be short so you should get out and enjoy it while you can!  Not just you but your furry friends too! Edmonton has over 40 off leash dog parks and plenty of other outdoor options! There’s so much to do in the city with your four legged friends in tow.  Here’s a few ideas for activities that everyone will enjoy.

-Terwillegar Dog Park is a very large park that is great for on or off leash dogs! Views of the river, trails and ponds for your dogs to cool down are just a few of the features this park has to offer. If you have a large dog that needs to blow off steam there is plenty of room for a game of fetch to tire them out!

-Millcreek Ravine has a great wooded off leash area with plenty of greenery and creeks.  Keep to the granular area if you want to be off leash!

-Callingwood Dog Park has grass, gravel, trees and its close to a Second Cup! What more could you ask for.  Plenty of room to roam and explore!

-Hawrelak Park is 68 hectares of grass and lake. On leash dogs are permitted making this a fun options for a family picnic or outing.

-Topdog Fitness offers you the opportunity to get in shape with your pets! A dog and owner high intensity boot camp, you can walk the dog and work out at the same time. Check out their website for more details

-John Janzen Nature Centre is a fun choice for the whole family. Promoting engagement with nature for your kids that allows you to bring your pup along while on leash.

-Whyte Ave stores are notoriously dog friendly. Many leave water bowls out to keep your pups hydrated in the heat. They are also welcoming to pets at all the outdoor festivities happening such as The Fringe Festival!

-Summer does have its bad days and for days like that you can check out Lucky Donkey! Edmonton’s only Indoor Dog Park. They also offer dog sitting while you visit Situation Brewing or El Cortez, two hours for the price of one! Get out and enjoy yourself without feeling guilty.

Check out all the outdoor festivals! Edmonton is the festival city so there are many upcoming events to check out with your pets and families! Get out and enjoy as many as you can.  Keep an eye out for the Dave Sells family and be sure to say hello!


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April Showers Bring May Flowers

Gardening in Edmonton can be a challenge with the weather variations! Although we are considered a zone 3A, some gardeners are trying out zone 4A plants because of our warmer than average summers. If you are like me 3A means nothing, so we are going to break it down simply into what grows best!

Prep! Aerate your garden, mix it up! This will spread the nutrient rich top soil throughout and this is also a good time to add in any compost to the soil. The best time to start planting, which is hard to say in May since it can be 25+ to snow May long weekend. When there is consistent weather at night above freezing is around the time to get planting (Mid-May usually). Survey your yard to spot the most sunny/shady spots and plant accordingly for best results.

Here’s a few zone approved plants to consider!

Fruits & Veggies:



-Swiss Chard




















And if you just want things that are nice to look at here’s a few flowers that are zone approved!



















-Moss Phlox

-Bleeding Heart



There is nothing better than eating a dinner full of garden veggies! Feel free to share the love with your friendly neighbourhood realtor! Anyone who has seen my snapchat knows my love of mini carrots.


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Easy Home Updates For Spring

Spring Fling Updates


Now that the weather is warming up and the snow is melting this is the perfect time to start preparing for upcoming spring projects.

  1. Schedule your roof replacement! Roofers will book up quickly and with the short spring/summer here in Edmonton its best to get on these things quickly. Your roof protects your home from the elements and even a very small leak can cause major damage. When selling a home, a new roof is a great selling feature for potential buyers!
  2. Clean out those gutters! With the melting and thawing cycle, leaking or clogged gutters can cause water to accumulate in all the wrong places, which can pool around your foundation. Eventually this can lead to water in your basement. Gutters are inexpensive to replace/maintain.
  3. Inspect your garden hoses and faucets. Hopefully you were on the ball and got your hose unhooked, drained and properly stored for the winter. If you didn’t manage to remember, you will need to check for freeze damage. Having someone in the basement or close to the water shut off is advisable in case of a leak.
  4. Schedule maintenance/repairs on your A/C unit. With hot summer days just around the corner, you do not want it to stop working on a 30+ day! Regularly check the filters and keep it cleaned as part of your routine.  Make sure you schedule annual technician service checks to ensure proper long term maintenance of your A/C system.
  5. Check all your doors and windows. Wear and tear from structural shifting is very common in the winter season. Check the weather stripping and caulking for gaps or air leaks. These can be easy DIY repairs if a full replacement is not required. Keeping the house cooler in the summer months will be easier and more efficient with a better weatherproofed home.
  6. Schedule your spring yard maintenance early! Having your yard aerated, raked, mowed, seeded and fertilized can help get you that healthy green, weed free lawn.  Ask a local professional for DIY help or hire a professional company to help maintain your yard for you.

Spring is a short but sweet season so you better get hustling!

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Tips for your dog in spring!

As we all know spring is upon us and many of us think about spring cleaning the house, what to plant in the garden and which patio we will hit up first; but we shouldn’t forget our furry friends and their needs during this season!

1) When thinking of your garden look out for fertilizers including organic fertilizers (meals) and make sure they are stored properly away from your dogs. Applying these to your gardens will normally cause no harm to animals but its best to keep them away until everything has been fully absorbed by the soil. Ingesting these products in large quantities can be life threatening so safe storage is key! Some signs of poisoning include;

Common signs to watch for:
• Drooling.
• Nausea.
• Vomiting (acute or delayed onset)
• Diarrhea.
• Abnormal posture due to abdominal pain.
• Difficulty breathing.
• “Muddy” colored gums.
• Lethargy
• Tremors

2) Make sure your pets vaccinations are up to date. Dog to dog contact increases with the nice weather as it is such a great time to get out to the local dog parks and scenic walking trails.

3) If you are in an area where there are ticks to do frequent checks on your dog’s coat. It is much easier to do this by feel depending on your dog’s coat length. The most common places for ticks are around the head, neck, ears, chest and forelegs but they can be anywhere.

4) There is nothing better than sticking your head out the window and feeling the wind on your face when you’re a dog but consider that with the salt/rocks still on the road lying debris can be a hazard. Abrupt stops or tight turns can also injure your pet so we recommend a seatbelt harness or secure crate to keep your furry friends safe.

5) Thinking about doing a little home improvement or major spring deep clean, keep all harsh chemicals out of your pets reach. If it’s not good for you to breathe it probably isn’t ok for them either. Physical hazards such as nails, wood, tools (especially sharp ones), insulation, etc. should be kept away from your pets.

6) With the nicer weather and more opportunity to get out and about this is the time to get your pet microchipped if you have not already done so. Also an up to date tag with your current address, phone number and any other contact information that someone may need to reach you.

Speaking of outdoor events the Dave Sells family is proud to be a part of Humane Animal Rescue Team (hart) 5th annual Eggstravaganza April 9th, 2:30pm in Spruce Grove’s Jim Galloway Dog Park (on leash). With a $10 donation, your dog can take part in this great charity Easter egg hunt!! Dogs and owners make their way through the park and when the dogs nose touches an egg, the owner picks it up and adds it to their basket. There are a few Golden Eggs, for which the dog will receive a gift basket at the end of the hunt! Check out for more information.

Happy Hunting!

Downtown Dining Week

As many of you know I spent a large amount of my time in the hospitality industry so I thought I would highlight one of Edmonton’s fantastic dining events; Downtown Dining Week (DTDW)! It is a great opportunity to take in some of Edmonton’s delicious local eateries and get out of your house as I am sure you are getting a bit stir crazy with this recent cold snap. Lunches include two courses for $15, three course dinners for $28 and Executive dinners for $45. These are my top picks to check out March 10-19th.

  1. Atlas is one of Edmonton’s newer features in the Ice District which makes this the prime opportunity to try it out if you have yet to go. With a carefully selected wine menu to go with either the lunch or dinner menu. It is an upscale concept with a focus on local and sustainable products cooked in their signature charcoal oven.  The chopped tenderloin bowl on the lunch menu looks fabulous!
  2. Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Kelly’s Pub on 104 St is the perfect hang out for your all day green beer drinking festivities. Comfort food is their specialty and the bacon wrapped scallops and tempura battered shrimp will certainly pair well with a bit of Irish whiskey.
  3. Rostizado by Tres Carnales is a modern take on Mexican cuisine. This is a spot that if you haven’t visited previously, you are missing out!! You may have to go back a few times because all three choices on the lunch menu look tasty! You can have my favorite drink, a Paloma while listening to a variety of hand selected vinyl. Although not on the menu, the churros are a must at any time! To die for!
  4. Sabor is downtown’s fresh and sustainable seafood specialists, with a Spanish and Portuguese twist. With a comfortable rustic atmosphere, this restaurant is a pleasure for lunch or dinner. The catch of the day is always fantastic for lunch and the paella is the gem on the dinner menu! But don’t forget the addictive piri piri prawns.

Hopefully something from this list tempts your taste buds or perhaps one of the other great restaurants featured for DTDW! For the full list of participating restaurants, you can visit the website here Don’t forget to ask your server for a contest card after having any of the featured menus for a chance to win a $50 gift card to a participating restaurant or the grand prize Chateau Lacombe getaway!

Warning! Pet Safety!

After our scary experience this month with our dog Argus swallowing a squeaker, we wanted to put the word out and touch as many pet owners as possible. Please be careful when buying toys for your pets, many things can be hazards to your animals!

Stuffed Toys:

If your dog is a “chewer” these toys are not for them. Although they love them that love will be short lived if they swallow stuffing, buttons, zippers or worst of all SQUEAKERS! If your dog likes a “comfort” toy, they are NOT a chewer, make sure all the small parts are removed and the stuffing is fiber or fabric, not pellets. Majority of dogs will feel the need to “kill” the squeaker which will lead to the thought that destroying these toys is ok. It can also lead to aggressive behaviors. Lets just stay away from toys with squeakers.

Long lasting toys:

If your dog is the “chewing” type then look at getting toys that are more durable. Kong toys can be a good choice, Nylabones or Durachews. Do make sure to get a bone of the appropriate size, one too small can get stuck in your dogs throat or digestive tract. When in doubt size up!


While rawhide can be good for your dogs dental hygiene it is not good for their digestive tract. Concerns are small chewed pieces can get stuck in your dogs throat and larger pieces can cause unforeseen blockages. Although these chews can be given and monitored closely it would be better to choose a different option.

Rope toys:

These toys are meant for playing but should not be left with your dogs unattended as they are not meant for chewing. It does not take a lot of pieces or time to create blockages in the digestive system.

Further into this scenario when getting a pet, pet insurance may be a great benefit to have. Dogs and cats are prone to swallowing objects and removal is both scary and costly. Consider the benefits of getting pet insurance right of the bat, this will also keep “pre-existing” conditions to a minimum as they will not cover these issues. Although premiums can be high (Premiums vary from breed to breed, age, etc.), one expensive treatment can still have you coming out on top. There are many companies to choose from so do your research.


Please go through your pets toys and keep them safe!

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Look Out 2017!

A new year, a new feature wall? What can give you a fresh start better then a little home makeover. We can help! Here is a few upcoming trends for 2017.


The “in” color this year is green. From vibrant lime to rich emerald. Adding a little pop by mixing it in with your current dinnerware or a full feature wall will get you this up to the minute look. Greenery represents refreshment and revitalization.


Bronze is a great metallic that can actually warm up a space unlike most other metals. You can see this trend in tap wear, lighting and decorative pieces.

Upholstered Headboards:

Out with the timber and in with the upholstery. Ranging from neutral to ultra luxurious with plush velvet, it’s a simple way to update and bring that bit of pizazz to the bedroom.

Jewel Tones:

Keep your eye out for the pastels to take a back seat to their “richer” counterparts. Add in some metallic, raw stone, sheer fabrics or flowing silks to really create an air of romanticism.

Artisinal Goods:

Supporting local and high level craftsmanship will come into play with the revitalization of glass blowing, woodworking and local artists. Check out local craft shows throughout Edmonton to get your hands on some amazing local wears! #supportlocal


Velvet, faux fur and other soft materials are continuing to keep us warm and cozy this year. Furry chairs and velvet couches are just begging to be touched.

Now if all you are needing is that perfect space to “redo”, you can reach out to the Dave Sells team anytime and we will keep you on trend.

Now get out there and use this as an excuse to shop!


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Sponsor a Wheelchair Today!

As many of you saw the heart-warming video we did with Zoe’s animal rescues society on their special needs dog Habib (see below), we wanted to do a bit of a follow up! Habib is doing amazing! He has since had his tail removed after battling an infection but that hasn’t slowed him down. With many more surgeries coming his way, including the complete removal of his hind legs. Habib will need continued support from the community in his medical endeavors, he is not up for adoption yet since he has a long road of recovery ahead, sponsorship is a fabulous way to be involved in his story. Check out the sponsorship page here to find out how you can be involved with this great story.

As well as helping Habib, Zoe’s has partnered with ESMA (Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals) which helps rescue dogs in Egypt. Currently they have 10 dogs in need of wheelchairs which cost $200 each. With over 200 dogs in their care they do not have the funds to help these dogs. Sponsoring these animals will change their lives drastically. Zoe’s provides a sponsorship card as well as a tax receipt with your donation. Reach out to them by emailing using the keyword rescue, noting you would like to sponsor one of the ESMA dogs.

Here is a video of another sponsored dog (Gidget!) whom we had the pleasure of helping get the wheelchair she needed. This shows you the pure joy and life changing happiness your help can bring these animals.


Hold your furry friends tight!

Love the Dave Sells Family

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Edmonton Real Estate Market Snapshot

December 2016 & 2017 Forecast

Edmonton is the festival city with a beautiful backdrop of the river valley

How are the Edmonton home prices doing this Fall/Winter as compared to 2016?

Here’s a glimpse….


Monthly Sales are up 0.42% year-over-year

New Inventory is down 16.51% year-over-year

Total Inventory is up 2.40% year-over-year

Supply of Inventory is roughly 7.27 months, meaning it’s still a buyers market.  Sellers will need to ensure their properties are staged well and priced more attractively then their competition in order to SELL.

Average days on market is up to 69 days over 2015 with 62 days

Single Family average sale prices are down 0.86% year-over-year at $420,962

Condominium average sale prices are down 0.53% year-over-year at $247,647

Duplex & Rowhouse average sale prices are down 5.22% year-over-year at $228,000

According to the Realtors Association of Edmonton’s annual housing forecast, Chairman James Mabey predicts that the sales of residential homes will continue to remain relatively stable for 2017.

Single family homes performed well in 2016 and are only expected to have a small decline until the middle of 2017 ending approximately 1.7% under the 2016 numbers. Prices of single family homes will also see a slight decrease of around 2.2%. With inventory remaining higher than years before $350,000-$450,000 single family homes will have the most continued strength in this category.

Condominium sales saw both a drop-in unit sales and prices in 2016. A slight increase and stabilization are expected by only a small margin approximately 0.2%. Inventory will continue to increase 1.1%, with average sale price dropping by 3.8%

Alternatives to single family homes such as Duplex’s and Rowhouses continue to gain popularity especially for first time home buyers. Higher quality selection should keep average prices stable with a modest increase in unit sales of 0.5%, matched by a modest drop in inventory by 0.5%. Overall unit sales are projected to decrease by1%.

“Edmonton had a positive 2016 despite ongoing economic uncertainty,” said Mabey. “Buyers are continuing to remain cautious, and sellers are having to set appropriate expectations and evaluate their motivation and urgency.”

If you would like to know the specific averages ($) of the houses in your neighborhood, you have 2 options:

1) Contact Dave Ozubko directly at 780-966-8227, and he will provide you with additional information


2) Visit Dave Ozubko’s website for the FULL HOUSING REPORT, which will provide you with all the details at:

If you would like any additional information on the real estate market, or if you’re thinking of buying or selling, please contact Dave directly as he would be glad to answer your questions.

Happy New Year from the Dave Sells family!

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