April Showers Bring May Flowers

Gardening in Edmonton can be a challenge with the weather variations! Although we are considered a zone 3A, some gardeners are trying out zone 4A plants because of our warmer than average summers. If you are like me 3A means nothing, so we are going to break it down simply into what grows best!

Prep! Aerate your garden, mix it up! This will spread the nutrient rich top soil throughout and this is also a good time to add in any compost to the soil. The best time to start planting, which is hard to say in May since it can be 25+ to snow May long weekend. When there is consistent weather at night above freezing is around the time to get planting (Mid-May usually). Survey your yard to spot the most sunny/shady spots and plant accordingly for best results.

Here’s a few zone approved plants to consider!

Fruits & Veggies:



-Swiss Chard




















And if you just want things that are nice to look at here’s a few flowers that are zone approved!



















-Moss Phlox

-Bleeding Heart



There is nothing better than eating a dinner full of garden veggies! Feel free to share the love with your friendly neighbourhood realtor! Anyone who has seen my snapchat knows my love of mini carrots.


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